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Huguette (level 25 / 100)
Goomy ♀
tackle, bubble, absorb, protect, bide, dragon breath | attract

Haurchefant met this young lady as his starter - a dragon given to one such as him? Just another strange thing he had to consider. He named her Huguette - because if she is his starter, then she is why he is here, for now. Right? So he sees her as equal - even if he's a bit nervous about having such an... odd Dravanian as his partner. He's no longer worried about being a heretic, at least.
Zu (level 13 / 100)
Taillow ♀
peck, growl, focus energy, quick attack | attract

Taillow is young—it has only just left its nest. As a result, it sometimes becomes lonesome and cries at night. This Pokémon feeds on Wurmple that live in forests. After arriving in Pallet Town, Haurchefant decided to capture a young bird - one who rests on his arm like a falcon. As such, he named them after the Zu of the Sea of Clouds.
Bandit (level 32 / 100)
Kingdra ♂
bubble, smokescreen, leer, water gun, twister, bubble beam, focus energy, brine | attract

This Kingdra had been taken by Team Rocket, and even though they're a dragon, Haurchefant felt he had to take them in - for they seemed to make his Goomy happy. However, he's a complete tsundere. He holds a Soothe Bell.
Aymeric (level 16 / 100)
Snivy ♀
tackle, leer, vine whip, wrap | attract, calm mind

Not knowing this Snivy was a girl, he adopted her and named her after the Lord Commander, after seeing the way she tried to split up a fight between Bandit and some wild bugs. She has her hidden ability, after taking candy - which Haurchefant offered as a friend.
Estinien (level -9 / 100)
Mareep ♂
tackle, growl | attract

Once this shiny Mareep hatched, Haurchefant decided to name the sheep drenched in pink instead of white after the Azure Dragoon. After all, he considered that this Pokemon got a special gem which would unlock more power as well.
items and TMs (level / 100)

Haurchefant has a Mega Earring where his Key Stone ends up, and has a renewable Attract TM. He also has a Venoshock, Dragon Tail and Hone Claws TM.


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