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May. 11th, 2017 01:21 am
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Haurchefant Egg Clutches
First     22/05/17

Pokemon Haurchefant has not adopted out to PCs remain untrained, or sometimes (depending on RNG), are sold to NPCs. If there is one your character would want, hit me up and we can discuss it OOCly and ICly, unless it's one he wants to keep.

egg cyclesavg. eggs laid /monthtime to hatch
610-12 [5-6]2-3 days
118-10 [4-5]4-5 days
166-8 [3-4]4-5 days
215-6 [2-3]7-8 days
264-5 [2-3]10-12 days
313-4 [2]12-14 days
362-3 [2]14-16 days
411-2 [1]18-21 days
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Huguette (level 65 / 100)
Goodra ♀
tackle, bubble, absorb, protect, bide, dragon breath, rain dance, flail, body slam, muddy water, dragon pulse | attract, water pulse

Haurchefant met this young lady as his starter - a dragon given to one such as him? Just another strange thing he had to consider. He named her Huguette - because if she is his starter, then she is why he is here, for now. Right? So he sees her as equal - even if he's a bit nervous about having such an... odd Dravanian as his partner. He's no longer worried about being a heretic, at least.
Bandit (level 52 / 100)
Kingdra ♂
bubble, smokescreen, leer, water gun, twister, bubble beam, focus energy, brine, agility, dragon pulse | attract, bounce

This Kingdra had been taken by Team Rocket, and even though they're a dragon, Haurchefant felt he had to take them in - for they seemed to make his Goomy happy. However, he's a complete tsundere. He holds a Soothe Bell.
Zu (level 43 / 100)
Swellow ♀
peck, growl, focus energy, quick attack, wing attack, double team, aerial ace, quick guard, agility | attract, brave bird, air slash, pluck

Taillow is young—it has only just left its nest. As a result, it sometimes becomes lonesome and cries at night. This Pokémon feeds on Wurmple that live in forests. After arriving in Pallet Town, Haurchefant decided to capture a young bird - one who rests on his arm like a falcon. As such, he named them after the Zu of the Sea of Clouds.
Emmanellian (level 31 / 100)
Zubat ♂
absorb, astonish, supersonic, bite, wing attack | acrobatics, brave bird, attract

Aymeric (level 48 / 100)
Serperior ♀
tackle, leer, vine whip, wrap, growth, leaf tornado, leech seed, mega drain, slam, leaf blade, coil | attract, calm mind, glass pledge

Not knowing this Snivy was a girl, he adopted her and named her after the Lord Commander, after seeing the way she tried to split up a fight between Bandit and some wild bugs. She has her hidden ability, after taking candy - which Haurchefant offered as a friend.
Estinien (level 41 / 100)
Flaaffy ♂
tackle, growl, thunder wave, thunder shock, cotton spore, charge, take down, electro ball | attract, electroweb

Once this shiny Mareep hatched, Haurchefant decided to name the sheep drenched in pink instead of white after the Azure Dragoon. After all, he considered that this Pokemon got a special gem which would unlock more power as well.
Hydra (level 53 / 100)
Dugtrio ♂
sand attack, scratch, growl, astonish, mud-slap, magnitude, bulldoze, sucker punch, mud bomb, sand tomb, earth power, dig, slash | attract

Iceheart (level 31 / 100)
Vulpix Alolan ♀
powder snow, tail whip, roar, baby-doll eyes, ice shard, confuse ray, icy wind | extrasensory, roar, baby-doll eyes, payback, attract

Goldleaf (level 25 / 100)
Spritzee ♂
sweet scent, fairy wind, sweet scent, odor sleuth, echoed voice | charm, psychic, attract

Aithon (level 54 / 100)
Rapidash ♂
tackle, growl, tail whip, ember, flame wheel, stomp, flame charge, fire spin, take down, inferno, agility, fire blast, fury attack, poison jab, megahorn | attract, low kick

Until Fourth Wall, this Pokemon was nameless.
Markab (level 54 / 100)
Zebstrika ♀
quick attack, tail whip, charge, shock wave, thunder wave, flame charge, pursuit, spark, ion deluge, stomp, discharge, agility | attract, snore

Until Fourth Wall, this Pokemon was nameless.
Gullfaxi (level 31 / 100)
Mudbray ♂
mud-slap, mud sport, rotoliller, bullsoze, double kick, stomp | attract

Until Fourth Wall, this Pokemon was nameless.
Alphinaud (level 48 / 100)
Primarina ♂
sparkling aria, pound, water gun, growl, disarming voice, baby-doll eyes, aqua jet, encore, bubble beam, sing, double slap, hyper voice | attract

(level 16 / 100)
Magikarp ♀
splash |

One of the two Magikarp Haurchefant keeps as pets.
(level 16 / 100)
Magikarp ♂
splash |

One of the two Magikarp Haurchefant keeps as pets.
Leafy (level 17 / 100)
Sewaddle ♀
String Shot, Tackle, Grass Knot, Bug Bite, Razor Leaf | Attract

Leafy is a calm creature with an endeavoring spirit. Very little deters her from trying her very best at whatever comes her way, and more often than not what comes her way are opportunities to be peaceful, soft, and kind. There is little she wants for aside some leaves to chew and a warm place to rest, and she often takes her time going from place to place, everything about her movements exudes a cautious, gentle touch. StaryuTube tutorials on domestic tasks are her favorite thing to watch, if she can get her hands on Asriel's 'Gear. Leafy likes bitter food, but not sour food. Leafy was adopted after his dear friend, Asriel Dreemurr, vanished. Haurchefant gave her a small golden necklace with a small white flower pressed within it, to remember her original trainer - something he learned from the second Azure Dragoon.
items and TMs (level / 100)

Haurchefant has a Mega Earring where his Key Stone ends up, and has a renewable Attract TM. He also has a Venoshock, Dragon Tail and Hone Claws TM.


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